Charitable Gift Annuity

With this gift option, ASHRAE Foundation and the donor enter into an agreement under which ASHRAE Foundation agrees to pay the donor or other beneficiaries a fixed income for life in exchange for a gift of cash, marketable securities, or approved real estate. The minimum gift for a charitable gift annuity is $5,000. The annuity rate is based on the age of the donor or other beneficiaries. Charitable gift annuities are issued through ASHRAE.

To calculate the benefits of your gift click below:


* Portion of the annuity payment initially is tax-free.
* Portion may be taxed as capital gain if funded with appreciated property.
* Balance of the payment is taxed as ordinary income.


* Fixed annual income for life.
* Tax deduction based on the value of the assets and annuity rate.
* Reduced capital gains tax.


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