Scholarships With Neither Financial Need nor Academic Merit Specified

"I give, devise and bequeath to the ASHRAE Foundation, Atlanta, GA, _____ percent (___%) of all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate (or ___________ dollars, property, securities, etc., described below) wheresoever located, to be used for the benefit of ASHRAE Foundation to support undergraduate scholarships as described below. If the principal amount received hereunder is sufficient under ASHRAE Foundation guidelines to establish an endowed scholarship, then the ASHRAE Foundation, Atlanta, GA, shall transfer the principal amount, which shall constitute a fund to be known as the (insert name here) Scholarship, to ASHRAE Foundation , which shall use the principal to establish an endowment fund, with the revenue therefrom used for the establishment, support and maintenance of one or more annual scholarships for undergraduates in (insert specific field or school here). The scholarship(s) will be administered in accordance with the ASHRAE Scholarship Guidelines. In the event this purpose can no longer be carried out due to changing conditions or that such purpose is being met from other sources or is no longer necessary or desirable for the furtherance of the charitable and educational purposes of ASHRAE Foundation at the time of the maturity of my estate or at any time thereafter, then I expressly authorize and empower the Chair of ASHRAE Foundation to utilize my bequest for any purpose that may be deemed proper in his/her discretion, keeping in mind, however, my above-described purpose. The endowment fund for the purpose of investment may be combined with other funds of ASHRAE Foundation."

If you wish to restrict your bequest to a specific field, school or purpose, the ASHRAE Foundation Office will be happy to provide you or your advisors with suggested language.

To learn more about ASHRAE Scholarships, go to If you have questions regarding the ASHRAE Scholarships, please contact Lois Benedict, ASHRAE Executive Assistant / Scholarship Administrator.

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